Thursday, January 8, 2015

Paper Party Lanterns Review

Paper Party Lanterns Review 

January 8, 2015

Crisp White Paper Lanterns adds ambiance and style to your wedding. Chinese paper lanterns with lights hanging above a wedding party venue gives a soft-gentle light that will not interfere with photography. Lights not included but our paper lanterns will accommodate them.
Make the paper lantern decorative and elegant by:
-embellishing the surface with crystals
- rhinestones, beads, or curled ribbon
-Add a soft touch with small white feathers around the top of the Chinese paper lantern
-Small silk flowers and butterflies adds a special flair to the paper lanterns for added glamour.

My Thoughts 

I have always loved paper lanterns. I think they are so beautiful. I have had then hanging on my porch and different places for years. These paper lanterns are really nice. They are easy to put together and have a little hook on the top that's makes hanging them very easy. They are also very durable. My 10 year old son found one that I hadn't hung up and decided it would make a great hall to todd around. He played with it for days and it never ripped. I am very impressed with these White Paper Lanterns .

I received these free for testing purposes, however my opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product unless I believed in it.

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