Friday, January 23, 2015

Klamath Blue Green Algae Supplement Review

Klamath Blue Green Algae Supplement Review

January, 23 2015

If you're like me you are wondering why  should I take Klamath Blue Green Algae. Blue green algae is a source of dietary protien, B-vitamins, and iron, They are also used for weight loss, ADHD, hayfever, diabetes, stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, PMS, and other women's health issues. Some people use it for treating precanceruos growths inside thier mouth, boossting the immune system, preventing heart disease, healing wounds, improving digestion and bowel health. Blue green algae is the most nutrient dense packed food on the planet. So you can see there are many great reasons to take Klamath Blue Green Algae.

My thoughts

I have always been curious about all types of supplements and other health food products. I like to find out what new products are out there and try them. I was very excited when I was offered the chance to review Klamath Blue Green Algae. There are so many health benefits. 

The suggested avult dosage is to begin taking one capsule per day for the first week; two capsules per day the second week: three capsules per day the third week; and finally four capsules per day the fourth week. So this is what I did. The first week I didn't notice much of a change but after the second week I started noticing that I had less stomach issues. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Sometimes I can go for weeks at the time without going anywhere except the store near my house. My family said that they could tell a difference. I starting going places with them and was much happier. I still have panic attacks when I'm really stressed out but they aren't as bad or as often. So I'm not saying this is a cure and if you are taking medications prescribed by your doctor to stop. They may not help everyone but they did me. I am extremely happy with Klamath Blue Green Algae

I recieved this product free in return for my review, however all opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product unless I believed in it.

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  1. Great to know about Klamath Blue Green Algae Supplement!! I will use this supplement to cure some of my health issues. Well I was very curious to know about supplements and I had searched a lot about Green supplements
    which helps in weight loss, and also helps in relieving stress. Can you suggest me dosage which I should take of these supplements?